“I Can’t Tell If My Husband Still Loves Me” – 6 Signs of Love

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“I can’t tell if my husband still loves me.”  Realizing that there is a possibility that your husband, whom you decided to spend the rest of your life, is no more in love with you, will hurt so bad! 

A couple who has decided to do life together would go through different challenges in their individual lives; this may affect their marriage.

In such instances, it may seem like your husband is no more in love with you because of the challenges he may be going through. 

However, before jumping to conclusions, here are six signs showing that your husband is still in love with you. 

1. You are the priority 

When a man is still in love with you, he won’t fail to show you with his words or actions that you are a priority and channeled towards making life better for you, his wife, and the family. 

2. He stands up for you 

This is a sign that your husband is still in love with you. Regardless of life challenges, a man will stand up for his family, especially his wife.

In public, he will support you and if he has any reservations, say them in private; he won’t embarrass you.  

3. He supports you and your dreams

When a man loves you, he will support your goals and helps you achieve them.

He would encourage you and not hinder you from pursuing your dreams. He is interested in

you and everything you do as a part of your happiness. 

4. He puts in efforts

In marriage, things may become rocky; this is not the end.

Your husband may show love by putting in little efforts like showing up to something important to you, remembering your anniversaries, getting you little gifts, praying with you, or even helping out with your tasks, if he can. 

5. He involves you in his life

A sign that your husband still loves you is that he involves you.

He may tell you about the highlights of his days, bad experiences, and decisions he is making and asks for your opinion, amongst others.

Sometimes, he may be going through a lot at work and feel like he can handle it alone; letting you in may be a sign that he still loves you.  

6. You’re always part of the bigger picture

He will always put you as part of his future, he makes plans and includes you.

He often uses words like “we” and “us” because you’re a big part of him!

      Over the years, people change, and the way they express their love to you may change as well; you should see this as a gesture of their love regardless and appreciate their little efforts. 

Also, note that even this list is inexhaustive; even if all five of these signs are not present, but some are, it will suffice. 

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