8 Dating Etiquettes You Should Never Forget

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8 Dating Etiquettes You Should Never Forget

Dating is an activity that most people would actively engage in and enjoy. It is an important stage in getting to know each other in relationships and a key determiner of how far relationships will go. In ensuring that you don’t use little things to ruin something that has the potential to be truly beautiful, dating etiquettes are must-knows! Today, I’ll be sharing 8 dating tips that can help you thrive in a relationship and almost get all boxes ticked on your partner’s list where you are concerned.


  1. Punctuality is key

Nobody ever wants to be stood out for their date. Apart from how disrespectful it is, it kills the vibe to talk and relate with the other person eventually. Punctuality isn’t just about showing up early on dates, it generally means that you show up for your partner at the right time and that you keep important events and activities in mind. Punctuality shows that you value the time and effort that your partner is putting into the relationship and that you are equally willing to give value  


  1. Be Polite

On dates, the last thing you want is for your date to walk out on you because you said something ‘insensitive’.  You have to be alert enough to take notes of things that make them feel uncomfortable. The 5 magic words may seem very cliche but would portray you as respectable. Saying “thank you” when important, “sorry” for a mistake, and “excuse me” is sure to make a good impression. Even beyond impressions, manners are important!


  1. Ask Questions and be open-minded

You don’t want to be that date that is killing the mood with their silence and lack of participation.  One way to show that you want your relationship to work as much as the other person is to come ready with questions especially when you’re on a date. Even outside of dates, in your conversations both offline and online, you should contribute meaningfully to the process by asking questions.


Ask Questions to get to know the person, their interests, and their life philosophies. Also, be open-minded as the person would most definitely have questions too. It should be a “give and take” experience. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable when the need arises. Give yourself permission genuinely get to know the person and vice versa


  1. Be Considerate

Being considerate of the person you are dating is an essential etiquette. There is a popular saying; do to others what you want others to do to you. Put yourself in their shoes. When you go on a date, contribute in every way including finances, be present, and be an active player in the communication process.


  1. Be Attentive

Like the last etiquette, paying attention to details either on a date or with someone you are seeing is very important.  This is more like reading the room and being sensitive to not make the person uncomfortable.

Your body language also speaks a lot. If the other person is making you feel uncomfortable, It’s better to communicate it respectfully and draw the line before it puts you in even more uncomfortable situations


  1. Eliminate Doubt Triggers

Agreeing to go out with someone means that you believe that something may come out of It. Even if you were just going out with them to get to know them before you decide, It’s better to eliminate things that may trigger doubt in the other person or portray your lack of interest in them or your investment in another person.

If you are not interested in them, It’s better to let them know rather than leading them on and then acting the opposite way.

Eliminate doubt triggers like avoiding a question about someone, hanging out with someone else of the opposite gender without clearly defining who they are, being overly private or secretive around them, or generally anything that could make them uncomfortable.  When you do this, you can expect or demand the same.


  1. Be Attractive; Make an effort

Looking good on your dates is a basic but important etiquette. When going out with the person or meeting up with them, you should make an effort to look nice and smell nice.


  1. SMILE!

Yes, this is the final etiquette I’ll be sharing because as simple as it is, can save the day. One way to make your partner comfortable is to shoot them a smile now and then. Smile at their jokes, smile when they compliment you and just be natural.  Be yourself and give them took to be themselves too.


There are so many Etiquettes that help your dating journey but these would get you started!

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