My Boyfriend Ignores Me When I Cry: 5 Reasons Why

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‘‘My boyfriend ignores me when I cry!”

Some sort of comfort goes a long way to help you whenever you are crying or you are upset.

And this much-needed comfort comes very easily and quickly when you’re being soothed by your boyfriend or a significant other.

People differ, and the kind of comfort different people want also differs.

While some want to be hugged, some want attention and to be listened to, and some others want to be given some space.

Of course, this depends on the situation and the person who is hurt.

However, no one wants to be ignored when they are hurting.

But some guys tend to ignore their partners when they see them upset.

And this can hurt the more and can be frustrating.

Are you in the category of women who say, “my boyfriend ignores me when I cry?”

The truth is that a man who loves you will want to make you happy.

Men flourish when they’re with a happy woman.

There are some instances of things that can make him feel like he has failed you.

For instance, you crying due to your thinking that he has not done what you feel he should or that he has done what he should not do.

This can give him a feeling of helplessness since he cannot do anything about it.

They will be torn in between their feelings because although they like to see you happy, they feel uncomfortable the moment it turns to an obligation, or if it makes them feel guilty.

In this context, I am not talking about a man who doesn’t have respect for you or an abusive man.

Ever cried in the presence of your boyfriend and wanted so badly for him to hold you and comfort you, yet it appeared that he doesn’t know what to do?

There is a possibility that he might leave the room for you or he’ll withdraw completely into his shell on seeing your tears.

This can be why you’re team “my boyfriend ignores me when I cry”.

You’re not alone in this, sis.

Although it’s not an uncommon occurrence, it does not automatically mean that men are incapable of dealing with the emotions of a woman.

Most times, it boils down to the reason behind the tears you’re spilling.

Your tears might come off as a guilt trip or manipulation to a man in certain situations.

For instance, when you cry over something he did not do that you felt he should have done or something he did that you felt he shouldn’t have done.

In cases such as this, the man is put into a fight or flight mode by such a display of emotions and tears.

This type of reaction is normal.

If you’re wondering why your boyfriend ignores you when you cry, you surely want to know why they react the way they do, right?

A clear understanding of the reasons they choose to ignore you whenever you cry will serve as a guide to help you when you’re talking to them about it.

I have some of the most common reasons why boyfriends ignore their women when they are crying.

You’ll want to read through.

Enjoy the read!

1. He’s Tired Of Seeing You Cry

Before we delve into this point and before you go about saying that “my boyfriend ignores me when I cry”, have you ever taken time out to check how often you cry?

This is not even a joke.

If you are someone who likes to cry a lot (permit me to use that term), there are chances that your boyfriend is getting tired of spending a whole lot of his energy consoling and being concerned about you.

He is human too, and there is only so much he can do whenever you decide to be in your elements.

If your crying becomes very frequent, if he notices that you derive joy in crying over silly things, he’ll learn to ignore you.

This is not me supporting either of you.

I’m here to tell you the truth.

So, before you go, “my boyfriend ignores me when I cry”, it’s good for you to know that the more some of you cry, the less sympathy you’ll get from a guy.

2. He Is Not Empathetic

Empathy means the ability to understand and share the feelings and emotions of other people.

In a situation where your boyfriend has little or no empathy toward other people, it will be very difficult for him to be affected emotionally whenever he sees you crying.

This is not always bad.

It simply means that they cannot relate to you and do not feel what you are feeling.

This can be a hard nut to crack in a relationship and most times, it causes problems.

3. He Is At A Loss On What To Do

Sometimes, better knowledge and understanding of your partner and vice versa can help you avoid saying, “my boyfriend ignores me”.

You are meant to know him better than anyone else in every department including how he can support and comfort you whenever your emotions are on a rollercoaster ride.


What do you expect him to do whenever you’re crying if he is always clueless and acting awkward whenever it has to do with offering you comfort generally?

Sometimes, guys need to be helped out with things such as this.

You will probably have to explain to him the type of comfort you need when you’re feeling upset.

As long as he listens, learns, and makes efforts to offer you comfort in the future, I see nothing wrong with explaining how these things work to him.

4. He Finds It Difficult To Deal With Emotions

So many men find it difficult to deal with emotions – theirs and yours.

While it may be an instinct for some people to put their arm around someone who is crying or upset, some men find it difficult to do that.

They just can’t go through with it.

If you say, “my boyfriend ignores me when I cry” and this is the case, I think that you should find out what the reaction of your boyfriend is when he is faced with some other emotional situations.

Does he act upset?


How does he handle emotional situations?

If he keeps his feelings to himself and does not get upset, it is probably a clear sign that he finds it difficult to deal with emotions.

5. He Is Probably Tired Of You

If you are in the category of women who say, “my boyfriend ignores me when I cry”, I think you should know that one of the major signs of a man losing interest in a relationship is when he stops caring about you.

There’s a missing part of the puzzle whenever he is less concerned about your being upset.

This is not enough proof though.



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