Picture this, you are hanging out with your crush and he/she is ranting on about their dream girl/boy. You spend so much time with them but you have never had any conversation about anything near romance; they call you “Gee, “Guy” or “Bro” while punching your shoulders- there’s a great possibility that you have been friend-zoned.

The fact that you are here right now means you have probably experienced this more than once and you are beginning to admit it’s a challenge. The Friend zone is used to describe a situation in which one is viewed by a potential partner as just a friend, which complicates the initiation of a romantic relationship. 

Are you wondering why you always end up in the friend zone?  Here are 5 things you should seriously consider as contributions to why you always end up here.


1. They don’t know how you feel

It started as a friendship but now you are beginning to get romantically invested. You are not sure of how they feel so you do a great job hiding your feelings under the guise of a good friend.  The other person may genuinely not know you feel that way until you let them know.

You may be terrified of the factors of the story twist; what if they don’t see you that way? What if they reject you?  The truth is, you will never know until you try.

You cannot magically undo the situation you have found yourself in, the least you can do is to take a bold step and come clean about how you feel, advisably without any expectations.


2. Fear of losing the friendship

You have probably been in a situation where you opened up to a friend about how you genuinely feel about them, and while they didn’t rub it on your face, your friendship never got over the confession.  Now that you find yourself in the same position, you are afraid of voicing your emotion at the expense of your friendship.

 While this is a valid feeling, you never know if there is a possibility this one can turn out differently- this is why you should keep good friends who are genuinely interested in seeing you through any process.

Take a chance and communicate with this person with a disclaimer that it doesn’t change your friendship if they do not feel the same way. This way, even if it’s awkward for a while, you would be sure of where you both stand and your friendship can weather through that storm.  

3. You gave no clue and you made no move

Whenever you find yourself in this position, your next move is usually to perfectly mask it in hope that it’s just flux and you’ll get over it. You have waited so long and the “flux” has stayed. Now it seems too late and you have made no move and given no clue.

It may be a lot to ask, but it’s better to come clean about how you feel early enough. While this may not lead anywhere immediately, saying it may diffuse its power. You both can also talk things through and figure out where to go from there.

4. There’s too much history between you

You go all out in your friendships and this friend of yours knows too much already as do you, about them.  You are afraid to be involved romantically with someone who knows so much as you think they may view you in another light.  Well, you might just want to take a little time to define your relationship with someone before you let them in on so much information. This way that would not be the bridge between you and your chance at love.

5. The other person is attracted to someone else  

The last reason why you are stuck in the friendzone is that your friend is attracted to someone else. In this instance, they would hardly look to you because their heart or mind is somewhere else. 

You can have a honest conversation with your friend and tell them how you feel, who knows, they may just turn and see how amazing you are!


The point is, friendships can take a romantic turn.  You have to be kind to yourself and help the other party to see the possibilities.  If you often wonder why you always end up in the friend zone, here you have it!


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