GRIT – “The Fundamental Key in Achieving 2024 Goals.”

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According to Angela Duckworth, an award-winning psychologist in her book titled
“Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance” defines Grit as that strong and enduring
effort in pursuing a particular goal or activity.

Merriam-Webster dictionary further defines “grit” – as firmness of mind and spirit,
unyielding courage in the face of hardship or danger.

The race to accomplish all of your aspirations has begun as 2024 approaches. I’ve
already listed all of my goals and intentions for the year. I realize that, above all, it will
take God’s Grace to help me establish a balance between my profession as a woman
in leadership, my personal development objectives, my family, society expectations,
etc. I also know that it will take the drive and tenacity to persevere.

Because it keeps you going when others give up on you, grit is a predictor of success.
Even if you have talent, it won’t reach its full potential if you lack perseverance. Grit
is sparked by hope, faith, and a feeling of greater purpose or aim than life itself.
Furthermore, as it helps you understand who you are, what you stand for, and where
you’re going, self-discovery is a key component of grit.

One thing I really enjoy about goal-setting is that you can set impossible standards for
yourself and then start to develop into the kind of person who can meet them.

In this piece “Grit and Grace,” Forbes Council member Cari Haught Coats claims that
grit is acquired by taking small, incremental steps outside of your comfort zone,
repeating the process, and taking lessons from both the successes and
disappointments of the past. Your comfort zone expands as you successfully
overcome each obstacle, and your desire to push past the new limits should follow

Here are 7(seven) suggestions from “The Trailblazer Femme Playbook – Living Boldly”
on how to grow grit as grit can grow. A grit level evaluation, such as the “Grit Scale,”
offers helpful insights into a person’s disposition as you navigate through 2024

  • Clearly state your purpose and define your aim point: – what is the one thing
    you want to accomplish regarding your profession, personal aspirations, house,
    and health, and why? If, your response to those inquiries fails to reveal peaks
    and troughs along your route, you’re most likely still aiming inside your comfort
    Create a clear mental image of success; include a vision board that matches your
    desired outcome or a list of important artifacts to serve as a reminder.
  • Connect the route to the objective – determine the important checkpoints to
    reach your destination and assess your current position about it. Find out from
    people who have done what you intend to accomplish what their techniques are.
    It would be wise to gain the necessary abilities to enable you to meet the
    challenge. Get educated, develop yourself, learn, earn certificates, and gain a
    deeper understanding of how to accomplish your goals.
  • Take Responsibility (Accountability) – get an accountability partner. I decided
    to make my spouse my accountability partner as we shared our vision, roadmap,
    and project plans for 2024. The truth is that we all need someone to encourage
    us to keep going, much like a marathon fan who helps us reach the finish line.
  • Step outside of your comfort zone and take your time with each step – make
    your first milestone so far away that every time you look at it, your heart skips a
    beat. Then, gradually break those objectives down into manageable chunks, one
    day at a time, and never stop telling yourself why it’s all worthwhile. When
    things are hard, ask for assistance and reestablish your connection to God, your
    source of inner strength.
  • Regularly take stock – be a representative as you embark on the path to develop
    grit and deliberately recognize the times when you achieve, even in small ways,
    outside of your comfort zone. Note the times you felt like you couldn’t have
    accomplished that. Measuring your progress and appreciating each victory that
    follows is essential. However, take care to make sure that assessing each step
    doesn’t lead to despair or distraction.
  • Honor your victories and accept your temporary setbacks. – celebrate the small
    and large victories, the audacity, the fresh passions, and the material and
    immaterial achievements. Think of the mistakes as minor setbacks and chances
    to learn how to innovate. Analyze the tactics and adjust the strategy as needed.
    Recall that grit is the ability to persist in the face of adversity with passion.
  • Continue! but take more risks, until you can step outside with ease. –
    Credibility is created via consistent practice and grit. While fluency may take
    months or years depending on the individual, grit is enhanced by refining and
    strengthening your underlying strategy and by increasing your appetite for
    more; just make sure to persevere until you are able to step out.

In an effort to inspire someone to take a risk and stand out, I have made the
decision to celebrate both material and intangible achievements on the platform
moving ahead. WHAT ABOUT YOU!!

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