Everyone always talks about red flags, but here are 20 potential green flags in a relationship. Your partner is a keeper if he/she; 

  1. Listens to you when you talk.
  2. Supports you when you have issues.
  3. Makes efforts to get to know you.
  4. Pays attention to the things you like and refrains from doing something you do not like.
  5. Apologies when you are wrong.
  6. Supports you in achieving your goals.
  7. Inspires you to want more for yourself. 
  8. Is calm and rational during arguments.
  9. Is a good friend to others.
  10. Does not compare you with others.
  11. Sets healthy boundaries and keeps them.
  12. Has integrity and would not compromise on it. 
  13. Makes compromises where necessary in decision-making. 
  14. Respects people, especially those that work for him/her. 
  15. Apologises where necessary.
  16. Never puts you down deliberately, especially in public. 
  17. Allows for individuality and does not try to change you.
  18. Sets realistic expectations for your relationship.
  19. Seeks your opinion on issues and regards it as necessary.
  20. Has similar values to you. 


 These are some of the thing healthy signs you can look out for in a relationship. If you enjoyed reading this article, share it with your friends and family as they may need it too. 

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