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The year is coming to an end; if you are in a situationship and wondering how to get out, this is the right post for you. 

You started the year single, and you hoped that you would be able to end the year wearing matching PJs with your partner. 

However, it is not enough reason to stay with someone under undefined terms. 

This article gives five tips to get out of a situationship. 


Assess the Situation 

The first thing to do is to look at the situation you are in with this person and think about it well. 

Put the person aside and think about what you want; the fact that you are here shows that you are not comfortable with that situationship. 

You may notice that they are not meeting your expectations; this is a good reason to end that situationship.

Reflect because self-reflection will help you establish clarity in order to move on to the next steps in this article. 


Have an Honest Conversation

After putting your thoughts together, have an honest conversation with the person and let them know where you stand. 

You don’t want to be that person that just ghosts, so speak with them and let them know what has been on your mind. 

Communication is key, so you need to communicate your feelings to them and let them know that you don’t want to be involved in the situationship anymore. 

If they decide to transition into a relationship, you can work on that- if you also want it. 

However, more often than not, the other party is usually not ready to take things to another level, and this is where you should call quits to avoid uncertainty. 


Get Ready

If you are at this stage, you hope that this person you are in a situationship with would say that they want to get serious and make things real. 

As much as this is a beautiful thought, this would not always be the case as the person may not meet your expectations. 

Also, conversations like this tend to go south; try to be reasonable and polite in your interactions. 

So, in having the conversation and getting rid of the situationship, hope for the best and also prepare your mind for ugly situations.


Make Conscious Steps to Move On

After taking these steps to end a situationship, free yourself of the luggage attached. Getting over a situationship is usually as painful as heartbreak from a relationship, and you will need to take conscious steps to move on. 

It is no easy task, as you may already have fantasized about getting into a relationship with this person – make a conscious effort. 

It is necessary to get over that situationship so your heart can be ready to be with the right person when they come by. 

To learn how to get over that person, read our blog post titled – “I Can’t Get Over My Ex- How To Move On After A Breakup.” This post contains six great tips for you!


  Thanks for reading this post; share with your friend(s) in that situationship, as you don’t want them moving into the new year with uncertainty! 

Have a great holiday! 

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