7 Reason a Man Would Want to Marry You

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Women have always wondered, ”what makes a man want to marry you?”

Honestly, it can be difficult to figure out what the male gender is thinking and feeling, but one thing is certain—as people are different, so are their needs.

One man’s meat is another man’s poison.

What one man desires in a woman might be what another man doesn’t give a hoot about.

What one man finds attractive might be the very thing that another man dislikes.

Take, for instance, looks.

While some men find slim women attractive, other men find curvy women beautiful.

What one man finds sexy might be completely unappealing to another.

This is why it shouldn’t come as any surprise that what makes a man want to marry you can vary greatly depending on who the guy is and what his needs are.

But there are some common factors or characteristics that make men want to settle down.

So, depending on the guy and what his needs are, you’ll know if you are his type or not.

What Makes a Man Want to Marry You

1. Attractiveness

Note that I wrote ‘attractiveness’ and not ‘beauty’ because beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

A man will be attracted to you if you are his definition of beauty.

Women usually think every man wants a slim lady with a flat tummy, but there are men who love their women chubby and are rarely attracted to slim ladies except there are other qualities they find attractive in them.

woman in black and white stripe long sleeve shirt sitting on brown wicker chair

This is why you should not change who you are to please a man because you are someone else’s definition of beautiful!

If you want to change your appearance, do it because of YOU!

Not because of a man.

Some women have made drastic and/or permanent changes to their looks such as plastic surgery or skin bleaching etc., and still end up getting dumped by their men.

There is no sitting on the fence when it comes to attraction.

He is either attracted to you or not.

If you are not a man’s definition of beauty, changing to make him attracted to you will never work.

He was never attracted to you and he never will.

Don’t settle or change for a man who complains about things that you can’t change.

Be with someone whose definition of beauty matches you.

Then there is another group of men who don’t care about looks but care about some of the other factors you’ll read about in this article.

No matter how you look, ensure you stay in good shape and love your body.

Eat healthy, exercise, dress well, use skincare products that suit your skin, and stay fresh!

What makes a man want to marry you?

How attractive he finds you!

Attractiveness is more than looks.

Confidence, happiness, how you walk, talk, relate with others, etc., contribute to how attractive you are.


2. Companionship

what makes a man want to marry you

The desire to find companionship in another person is one of the biggest needs that men want to be fulfilled.

A man might be a loner who prefers being alone, but regardless he would still like to have someone with whom they can relate and share experiences.

Attractiveness obviously comes into play when a man is looking for a long-term relationship or marriage, but his desire to have someone in his life with who he can relate is also strong.

The need for companionship is not limited to physical presence but includes emotional and psychological companionship.

A man wants a woman who can be his friend, someone with whom they can share their joys and sorrows.

Someone who understands them deeply and doesn’t judge or compare them.

What makes a man want to marry you?

Your company!

If a man finds your company enjoyable, he will want to be around you more.

He will look forward to getting home just so he can spend time with you because your company makes his life better.

He wouldn’t want to imagine his life without you in it.

This is why you see a woman many consider not physically appealing, get married to the dream man of many.

The woman might not be society’s definition of beauty, but she makes him happy and he enjoys her company.

So, it’s not just about looks,

Attraction + Companionship = What Makes a Man Want to Marry You

3. Intelligence

what makes a man want to marry you

Intelligence is another factor that makes a man want to marry you.

In fact, some men say they would feel more secure marrying someone who was smarter than them because she will be able to think of solutions when they can’t.

My husband always says he can’t imagine a woman he can’t learn from.

Having good looks on top of being intelligent is a combination that makes you irresistible.

If he feels that you are smarter than him, he will feel he has a superwoman by his side and this is a massive ego boost for him.

Being intelligent makes your company enjoyable because conversations are stimulating, challenging, and never boring.

It’s not just about being intelligent academically.

It applies in other ways as well such as your ability to relate and engage with others and your contributions to real-life situations.

I won’t fail to mention another group of men who are intimidated by intelligent women.

Such men will prefer a woman who is not intellectually challenging, so they could be in charge.

4. Good mother to his kids

A man who wants to have kids wants a woman he can see himself having kids with.

A woman who he can trust with his child’s life, who has the values he admires.

He would feel reassured knowing that she’ll bring up his kids well, and this will be an important factor in his decision to marry you.

5. Compatibility

Another crucial factor that makes a man want to marry you is compatibility.

Compatibility applies everywhere from common interests to religious beliefs and personal values.

Relationships aren’t always a walk in the park but the more compatible you are, the easier and more interesting your relationship will be because you share the same beliefs on core aspects of life.

So, you won’t be constantly trying to change or fix each other.

Compatibility is not just about how well you get along, but also the desire to work on issues that may arise in your relationship.

6. Independence or having your own life

Having your own life makes you an independent woman which is attractive.

Real men love a woman who has a life outside of being in a relationship with them because they don’t want to feel stifled.

They want to feel like an important part of your life but not the most integral part.

They would feel confident that you are not the clingy type who will suffocate them, or try to change them.

Being independent not only makes your life interesting, but it’ll also make your relationship less boring as well because your life doesn’t revolve around your man.

So there will be other things to talk about and do together than your relationship.

Before you think I’m saying men don’t want a woman who’ll be clingy or dependent on them—that’s not true at all!

They just want a healthy balance of independence in the relationship where both parties have their own lives but they enjoy each other’s company.

7. A good homemaker

what makes a man want to marry you

Another factor that makes a man want to marry you is your ability as a homemaker.

Whether it’s cooking, cleaning, or planning the weekly menu—this area of life will be one where men are looking for signs of capability.

Some men might not mind if their potential wife does nothing at all in the house while they do everything, but I can imagine that most men would appreciate their partner’s contribution to the household.

It’s not about being an expert homemaker, but about showing that you’re willing to work on your homemaking skills and contribute to the relationship.

So if he sees you can run the home, he will feel more assured that his family life with you will run smoothly.

But in a situation where the couple can afford to employ help, this might not be a big factor.


In conclusion, what makes a man want to marry you has more to do with the man than with you.

Most men already know within a few weeks of dating whether they want to spend the rest of their lives with you.

If you have what they are looking for, they’ll marry you.

Men are not that complicated after all.

What can you do as a woman?

Don’t put your man in a box or think that every man wants the same things.

Study him to know his attitudes towards the factors discussed above.

It’s okay to want to work on your flaws to increase your chances but never lose yourself as an individual.

This list is not exhaustive but it will surely guide you in understanding what makes a man want to marry a woman.

Above all, what do you want in a man?

You should know that too, so you’ll determine if a man is worth the effort at all.

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