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If you cannot boast of an intimate relationship with your partner, this post is for you. 

An intimate relationship is one where you and your partner are physically and emotionally connected. 

This connectedness is so visible in your dealings daily, regardless of the season you are in as a couple. 

Even if sexual intimacy plays a part in marriage, intimacy goes beyond it. 

Beyond sex, intimacy with your partner is paramount because it creates a deep sense of security. 

Intimacy also helps to build a long-term sustainable relationship with your partner.

Below, we will discuss six things you can do to build an intimate relationship with your partner. 


  1. Be Vulnerable

Vulnerability is a great way to build an intimate relationship with your partner. Be open and vulnerable with them. 

When you get into a relationship, you need to be vulnerable with them, no matter how uncomfortable. 

Do not avoid difficult conversations; those conversations help you learn more about your partner and strengthen your bond. 

Share your fears, feelings, successes, failures, dreams, and aspirations with them- this builds a deeper relationship. 

When your partner knows things about you that you may not share randomly with others, they feel connected to you differently. It also makes your partner confident in your trust in them. 

Vulnerability makes you feel good as you celebrate your wins and face challenges with another person. 


  1. Love Them In Their Love Language

To build an intimate relationship with your partner, you must love them the way they would like to be loved. 

One way to find out your partner’s love language is to ask them. 

Another way is to have them take a love language test which would tell you their love languages in the order of priority. 

If your partner loves words of affirmation, constantly encourage and affirm them- send sweet messages often. 

If they like gifts, listen to them and pick signs of things they want; thoughtful gifts always win. 

Doing things the way your partner would like is an easy way to score points and build intimacy. 


  1. Accept them for who they are

When you have decided to be in a relationship with someone, accept them for who they are. 

Do not go about nagging them and trying to change things that are core to their personality. 

When you do this, it may either affect their self-esteem or cause them to be resentful towards you. 

Highlight the good things you see in your partner and concentrate on them. 

Have a positive mind about your partner and relationship, and practice gratitude, even in the little things. 

When you do these, your partner will feel secure in your love; this builds intimacy on a different level.


  1. Resolve conflicts properly

In building an intimate relationship with someone, you have to resolve all conflicts- so there is no room for resentment. 

Discuss with your partner and learn their conflict resolution styles; in doing this, you must be willing to compromise. 

For instance, some people like to resolve issues immediately, while others would take some time to gather their thoughts first. 

These are two different conflict resolution styles, and each partner should be willing to compromise sometimes.

Set rules that would work for you in resolving conflicts- for example, you and your partner can agree to keep your voices low. 

Furthermore, you do not want to be conflict avoidant, make sure that you politely bring up a conversation with your partner if you feel hurt by their actions or inactions.

Lastly, do not keep malice; there is no way you can be intimate with your partner when there is malice. 


  1. Have a Life Outside Your Relationship

As much as you want to be intimate with your person, you need to have a life outside your relationship. 

What do you enjoy doing outside spending time with your partner? What are your hobbies, and do you create time for your friends and family? 

Engage in activities that you enjoy- for your own sake. 

It helps with your mental health and self-esteem and also improves your self-love. 

You cannot pour from an empty glass; be filled with love for yourself- so you can love another person. 

It is also good to have a life outside your relationship to bring stories and experiences to share with your partner. 

It spices up the relationship and builds a genuine friendship with your partner; this is great for an intimate relationship. 


  1. Never Stop Dating Your Partner

You can be so busy with life that you forget that intentionality is necessary for building intimacy with your partner. 

Be intentional about your partner and their well-being. Have conversations from time to time about various areas in their life. 

It would make them feel seen and heard. 

Do not get too familiar with your partner; bring your A-game even after a year. 

Support your partner, plan dates, and show them that you still love them as much as you did on the first day of your relationship. 

When you keep showing up for your partner and dating them, it helps to build an intimate relationship. 


Note- building an intimate relationship with your partner will help you function better as an individual; it is why it is necessary. 

Prioritize the health of your relationship by following these tips.

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