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According to a survey among relationship-ready individuals, most people would not choose a long-distance relationship, however, people whose partners are far away, decide to take a chance.

While this is frowned upon by many due to its high maintenance and risks, it is possible to have a happy ending.  

In this article, we would be walking through five ways to cope with a long-distance relationship.  


  1. Communication Always Saves

One thing you want to take very seriously in a long-distance relationship is having a system for communication that works.

The way to know how best and how often to do this would also only be possible by communication.  Both parties have to discuss and understand their communication needs.

People in a long-distance relationship always face the fear of missing out on each other’s lives. This is known as “FOMO.”

Your involvement in your partner’s life would be facilitated by effective communication. 

It doesn’t have to be done in some old, boring ways, you can do it in the best ways that work for you or spice it up with some creativity; couples can communicate in easy ways like chatting over a messaging app or doing video calls.

Whatever happens, communication remains an integral part of long-distance relationships, any type of relationship.


  1. Giving trust and being trust-worthy

If you are in a long-distance relationship and are not planning to add trust to your value cart, you should rethink!

You need a high level of trust in your partner; if you still have doubts, you may need to clear them before you invest in a long-distance relationship.

Long-distance relationships are commitments between two well-trusting and trustworthy individuals.  The feeling of insecurity may arise from several triggers, so you would need to trust and then trust again. 


  1. Set Boundaries

Couples in a long-distance relationship should make clear what could trigger distrust; an easy way to do that is to set boundaries on a mutual level.

For example, if hanging out with friends late at night would worry your partner, you need to discuss it and see if it’s something that is necessary. 

Being in a long-distance relationship involves a lot of compromises because while boundaries can be set, over time it may no longer be easy on the other party.  Communication does make a lot of difference.


  1. Plan Fun Activities

Long-distance relationships don’t necessarily spell doom for a couple’s intimacy.  It just means that you have to be more intentional about planning fun events even if it’s virtual. 

You can schedule a movie date virtually over some drinks and popcorn or even take a walk at the same time while catching up on some missed gist.

Ultimately, plan fun activities often to keep things spiced up. When there is a chance to eventually physically meet, organize intimate activities, and normalize spending a lot of time in each other’s company for as long as possible.


  1. Be Accountable

If you’re looking to have a lasting LDR, accountability is a skill you have to learn, especially when the relationship is long-term. 

Accountability in this sense involves couples intentionally meeting up with plans and informing each other upon failure to meet up as soon as possible.  This will go a long way in reassuring both parties of each other’s commitment. 

As an individual in a long-distance relationship, you must carry your partner along when making decisions. Accountability is a big hack for long-distance relationships, try it.


Having said all of these, It’s great to see that long-distance relationships are not, in all cases, bound for destruction. The input usually determines the result.

This means if you are willing to do the extra bit of work required,  a long-distance relationship can thrive.

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