5 Secrets to Vulnerability in Your Relationship

5 Secrets to Vulnerability in Your Relationship

Vulnerability is the ability to relate who you are to another person. Having meaningful discussions with one’s partner will help to create a deeper bond. Vulnerability is a risk of showing all of you without pretense and this is most needed in a relationship for it to grow.

 Here are 5 secrets on how to begin your journey to becoming that vulnerable partner

  • Accept Yourself

In a relationship, you should know every part of who you are and accept yourself even before accessing the other person.

Knowing your strength and your weaknesses and being able to own up to who you are no matter what will help you on your journey to being vulnerable in a relationship.

You can have expectations of the person you are in a relationship with but before that, you have to know who you were, who you are, and who you are becoming and be willing to share the whole of yourself with the person.

  • Listen

The journey of vulnerability becomes easier when you are ready to listen to the other person and allow them to be their best vulnerable self.

You should be ready to accept the other person when you are in a relationship, regardless of your disposition about the matter being discussed.

Being vulnerable requires you to give your listening ears and pay attention to the opinion of the other person.

  • Get outside your comfort zone

 People tend to build a wall around themselves and get on the defensive even before getting into a relationship.

But, being vulnerable in a relationship requires you to let down your guard and become comfortable with being open even on matters that seem to bring discomfort to you.

  • Accept the risk of getting hurt

Choosing to become vulnerable in your relationship is not a walk in the park.

As important as it is for you to open up, it doesn’t automatically mean that you feel great after every attempt. It may hurt, really bad and you may wish that you didn’t open up about your real feelings immediately after you do.

However, remind yourself that the progress you have made by taking the first step would not have been made if you didn’t. If your partner is understanding enough, they will walk you through the journey and it won’t be too difficult to bear. The point is, to prepare yourself for the emotions that come with that choice  

  • Ask For Help

As I said earlier, being vulnerable in a relationship is not always the easiest thing to do, but shutting out your partner from that vulnerable part of you is also not an option, at least not for long!

If you are finding it difficult to be vulnerable around your partner, you can ask for help! You may think it’s nothing but there may be something that needs to be solved.

A conversation with a therapist would go a long way; being honest with your partner about how you feel when it comes to being vulnerable could also help. Don’t struggle alone, ask for help and you may just find yourself being the chief of a vulnerability in your relationship.


I hope that these 5 tips give you a good foundation for how to become vulnerable and help you get better at it. 

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